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Who’s Suicideboys?

The hip-hop group $uicideboy$ from New Orleans, USA, is a rare white duo who can quickly become famous in the underground rap scene in a very short period of time. Refusing to be labeled, $uicideboy$ just focuses on making great music. Combo members are Ruby da Cherry and Scrim. Their relationship is that of cousins (i.e. $crim is Rudy's cousin, Rudy is $crim's cousin) and thus had a close relationship growing up. At a time when Rudy was in emotional pain and $crim was suffering from drug addiction, the two realized they were both interested in taking their music careers seriously, and both were dissatisfied with their current lives, so the two gave them The group was named "$uicideboy$". The idea of this name is an agreement between them. The two agreed that if their music career is not successful before the age of 30, they will commit suicide, and there is no Plan B to leave no way out for themselves.

In the process of practicing rap, the two found their unique voice, mixing the atmosphere of dark songs, rock emo, lyrics singing about self-division and their own painful experiences, they are more inclined to punk than rap melody . They all make music works with an anti-social and pathological attitude, attracting a large number of fans to follow.

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